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Everyone enjoys the sweet salty qualities of smoked meat and fish – caramelized on the outside, with a soft tender inside and a taste that lingers long after the meal is over. Smoking is an ancient method of preserving and adding taste that has been revived and nowadays the range of foods that can be smoked is limitless, as chef Jeremy Schmid shows in this delicious collection of some of his most loved dishes.With step-by-step photographs, Jeremy takes you through all the steps you need to know for home-smoking. He demonstrates how to construct your own smoker, and the techniques used to smoke different types of food. He explores various wood fuels and shows how to experiment with blends for the right balance of smokiness.Try Jeremy’s Smoked Sausage Cassoulet, Smoked Venison with Apple Chutney & Port Wine Purée, Battered Smoked Oysters, or Mexican Smoked Corn Salad, with Roast Apricots and Smoked Mascarpone for dessert.