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These pieces of Decorative Old Wood are a stunning natural art piece that brings the essence of coastal beauty into your home. These handpicked pieces are sourced from the shores of Thailand, where they have been gently sculpted and weathered by the ocean, resulting in unique and mesmerizing shapes that tell a story of their journey through the tides. As no two pieces are alike, your chosen decor item will be an exclusive representation of the Thai ocean’s allure.

Use it as a standalone decorative element or arrange multiple pieces together for a stunning feature.

Whether you prefer a rustic, coastal, or bohemian decor theme, this driftwood effortlessly complements various styles. Its organic shapes and earthy tones offer endless inspiration for creative design and styling both in the home and the garden.

Each piece will vary in size and shape. 

Range in size from between 107-141cm high x 17-22 cm diameter (at base)

*We highly recommend to click and collect.