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These dice offer 216 possible activity combinations!The accompanying booklet includes suggestions for a range of budgets and time frames, making it easy to customize your treat to what you need (whether it’s a nap, a good book, a fancy meal, or an adventure).

Whether you’re a self-care novice or a seasoned pro, these dice will keep things fun and fresh. Go ahead and roll the dice—you deserve it!

Includes: 3 dice & 32-page booklet

SELF-CARE MADE EASY & FUN: With a range of budget-friendly and splurge-worthy options, these dice are a great tool for individuals looking for guilt-free ways to treat themselves. Just roll the dice and explore the ideas in the booklet. You can do this on a daily or weekly basis—whenever needed! 

ENDLESS IDEAS: Three six-sided dice provide over 200 unique and inspiring ways to indulge yourself! Additionally, the 32-page booklet provides activity suggestions for a range of budgets and time frames, offering endlessly customizable treats. 

DICE CATEGORIES INCLUDE: Treats for the body (Eat, Spa, Move, Make, Shop, Explore), treats for the mind (Read & Reflect, Rest & Recharge, Connect, Learn, Culture, Nature), and ways to shake things up (Solo, Social, Tried & True, New, Save, Splurge). A great gift indeed!